Dementia Focused Practice Annual Conference

The Million Dollar Solution Presents…

Dementia Focused Practice Annual Conference

June 17-18, 2021


According to the World Health Organization, more than 9 million Americans live with some form of dementia today. Even more shocking, when all forms of dementia are combined, they are globally thought to be the 3rd leading cause of death, just behind heart disease and stroke in high-income countries.

By the year 2030, it is projected that 82 million people worldwide will have some form of dementia.
That is only 9 years away.

With the Dementia Focused Practice (DFP) approach, firms are dedicated to helping people with dementia and their loved ones navigate through all stages of the disease process by ensuring that they have access to the appropriate legal, medical and social services, as well as support.

In order for your practice to make the greatest possible impact, you need to go beyond meeting clients’ basic legal needs. Quality dementia-focused legal services start with interpreting the law and preparing documents, but they don’t stop there.

Pivoting to a dementia focused practice helps you serve your clients and their loved ones with efficiency, integrity, and compassion.

Join us June 17-18, 2021 to learn…

  • To promote your practice to your ideal market and spread the word to your community
  • DFP services enhance consumer’s draw to and the public appeal of your firm
  • Advanced levels of DFP mean less clients but more revenue
  • To best make this niche a part of your firm no matter how new or experienced you are with dementia focus
  • Concrete, tangible aspects of this specialty that may not have ever occurred to you

We can put you in a special position to help people make and carry out effective plans when facing the legal and financial difficulties dementia presents. We can also help you connect them to much-needed medical and community resources.