Becoming a Maverick Manager & Luminous Leader 4-Part Course

Julie Shore, SHRM, Certified Kolbe Consultant and Master Coach with the Million Dollar Solution put this course together to help YOUR firm make the transition to a virtual team successfully through a variety of tested and approved tactics. 

We know, managing a team is about ensuring what needs to happen on a day to day basis.  It involves processes, check-ins and feedback.  Don’t forget, we not only have to manage these newly formed virtual teams, we also need to LEAD them well. 

Managing our teams is usually our first thought- leading them for engagement and REALLY inspiring the team to be their best each and every day, virtually, is a whole different story.

Join us each Wednesday in May, from 12:00-1:00pm EST for our 4-part series as we tackle:

  • May 6th 
    • Best Practice Tips for Leading & Managing a Virtual Team
  • May 13th 
    • How to Engage & Communicate with your virtual Team for Maximum Results
  • May 20th
    • How to Hire, On-Board & Train Virtually
  • May 27th 
    • How to Deal with Change- 5 Things You and Your Team Can do To Better Serve Your Clients 

We welcome you to attend all sessions or one.  For those who attend, you will receive:

  • Ready to use forms and tools for the virtual talent cycle, including:
    • Assimilation checklist
    • Telephone interview guide
    • In-person firm owner and team interview questions