Proactively Planning in Observance of Healthcare Decisions Day

In your eyes, April 16th may be known for being the National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day, but it also recognizes a topic more pivotal than being comfy at work.  April 16th is also National Healthcare Decisions Day which was created to educate and empower individuals & providers on the value of proactively planning your care.  

In past years, my firm has collaborated with a local doctor to host a seminar for Healthcare Decisions Day in order to educate our community on what is being offered and why they need to begin planning now.  From a business perspective, this can be a key strategic planning adjustment your firm can start today.  Since April 16th is a nationally acclaimed day, it provides the opportunity to get free publicity with your local newspaper or gazette by coordinating your schedule with the national calendar.  The platform to educate individuals on end-of-life decisions and the importance of planning ahead will bring new and current clients who are more educated and invested individuals by taking the time to attend your seminar.  I have found these individuals to be some of the best clients to work with and I think you will too. 

Over the years we have used this seminar to educate people in several ways, one of which is focusing on the importance of a living will.  This was done by coordinating with a local doctor to discuss what is needed for someone to have the capacity and make decisions for themselves.  In past years, we had a reverend speak about end-of-life decisions.  Lately, we have put both the reverend and doctor in the same seminar to drive home the message at all levels.

If you have yet to integrate this into your seminar/webinar calendar, this is the PERFECT time to start in the midst of a year when people are trying to plan ahead. 

Dedicated to Your Success,