Chunk It!


Move the piles of files out the door and get back in control of your practice and your life. Are you stressed out and overwhelmed because you can’t get everything done? Do you sometimes neglect yourself, your health, your friends, and your family because your practice keeps pulling you in? Do you feel that there’s just not enough of you to go around? Do you try to be everything to everyone all the time? Become the master of gaining more individual time.

Kit Includes:
• Chunk It!© Guide• Power Point presentations to train your staff on Goal Setting and Chunking their time
• Productivity In Progress© Door Hangers
• Productivity In Progress© Mini Posters
• Desk Reminder – 3 Principles of Chunk It!©
• (2) training CDs on Chunk It©

• ADDED FALL 2018… Bonus content… Julie Shore, Julie Steinbacher, and Lindsey Stiger- Mindfulness Expert

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