Million Dollar Sales Training System


Everyone’s a Salesperson. . .Even Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorneys! An actress sells her talent. A bricklayer sells his time. A football player sells his ability to run with the ball.

Today’s reality is this: everyone is selling something, or they’re not in business. That goes for attorneys, too, whether we like it or not!

What are you selling? Your ability to solve problems. Sales is basically finding a need and filling it. Meeting client needs with workable solutions is the mission of all good lawyers. In the end, clients don’t choose you based on your perceived intellect, technical knowledge, or years of experience in elder law. They choose you because they TRUST you. They believe you can solve their problems and take away their pain.What good is a steady stream of prospects if you can’t convert them to clients? How many people tell you they need to go home and think about it—and then never get back to you? You lose money. And you lose the opportunity to do what you do best: helping people over the bridge from fear to peace of mind.

Now, imagine you have the sales skills to close every new client who comes to you. The method revealed here—The Million Dollar Solution Sales Training System for Elder Law Attorneys—will help you do just that. Attract new clients, have a deep, connected conversation, and ease their pain. You will convince them of your exclusive ability to solve their problems, and you will be paid handsomely for your time and advice. And then… they will tell their friends to come see you! Developed by our founder, Bill Hammond, this 15-step method shared in this program, has withstood the test of time and is fundamental to any successful elder law practice.

It’s a system you can use in every client interaction. Every hour of every day, month after month, year after year. No system in your career will be more important. None will help you love your vocation more. And none is easier to learn.

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