Miriam Biber, Certified Dementia Planner

Our membership with Million Dollar Solution has been critical in moving our firm forward.  Julie and her team’s coaching has been the gentle push that let’s us think beyond where we are while simultaneously feeling validated and encouraged.  Not only are we moving forward, but with MDS support and guidance, we’re making a clear plan and utilizing the experiences of others to guide us.

Hope Spangler

Julie — Thank you for the many changes & enhancements to the Mastermind program.  We are very excited as these fit well with our plans for growth.   

You and our fellow mastermind members are some of our very favorite people.  The information that we learn is invaluable.  The one on one coaching time with you is phenomenal and you always push us to extend our goals past where we originally thought possible.    

We are on track to break 3 million on the legal side and couldn’t have done it without you helping us wrap our heads around the differences in not just the planning itself, but in overcoming our own limiting mindset.  Tim has recently quoted fees higher than we ever thought possible for these clients.   

Kim Hegwood

I put off joining MDS for a long time.  It was something always in the back of my mind.  I joined in July 2016 as a Mastermind member and never looked back.  And in 2018, I became a million dollar law firm! 

David Wingate

I joined MDS several years ago, but then cancelled my membership.  Big mistake! 

I realized I wasn’t achieving the goals I’d set, and so I returned to MDS in April 2017 as a Gold member and then became a Mastermind member just 5 months later. Julie & Julie help guide you and hold you accountable.  They get to know your staff and challenge and push you to build a thriving law firm.  If you haven’t achieved this kind of success, stop spinning your wheels. You owe it to yourself to check out MDS.  Attend an event.  The energy in the room is contagious and motivates you to be your best self.

Thorpe Facer

I was unable to attend the Seminar Mastery Summit in person but was fortunate to purchase the videos and materials afterward. I am amazed at the massive amount of useful and actionable information. The ideas on marketing to cut through the noise has been a game-changer for me. I recommend MDS highly. You won’t be disappointed!

Dan Bedard

The Million Dollar Solution provides us with countless innovative ideas well-tested in the field. Not only that, but we come back from every MDS conference fired up and encouraged. We also come back better people because we are surrounded by the best people.

Nathan Zeigler

The Million Dollar Solution helped us to double our business and profitability, and become a million-dollar company. We are now on our way to doubling that again.

Thank you, Million Dollar Solution!