Joy L. Thomas

“I also have been meaning to tell you for several weeks now how much I appreciate your training.  I am learning and becoming more confident in my current role.

Several weeks ago, I took the FISH book with me to read on the road on our way to see my father-in-law in the hospital a few hours away.

I ended up reading the entire book out loud to my husband, and we both absolutely loved it!  My dad has also picked up the book and read it when visiting our house, and he wishes he had read it ten years ago.  I had the opportunity to visit the fish market a few years ago, so it made reading the book even more enjoyable.​

Again, thank you for your patience and wisdom in training us.”

Kristin Jimenez

“I wanted to thank you for the Executive Director Training sessions. I found them to be very interesting, along with being helpful where it applied to my position. I appreciate your time and effort and look forward to more training in the future.”