A reflection by Kristin Daugherty, Long Term Care Planner,  about our 2023 Dementia Focused Practice Conference

I am sitting on my flight reflecting on the last three days in Tempe, Arizona for the 2023 Dementia Focused Practice® and all the knowledge that was shared and time spent with all of you. I know I personally bring back so much from these conferences and I am thrilled that so many members of our team could come on this trip. Here are a few highlights that I am bringing back with me.

On day one, part of the MDS team found ourselves with a little free time! We tackled a morning hike to watch the sunrise from the peak of a mountain and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. After recovering from our hike, we prepared for the day and kicked off the conference with a Mastermind session with Julie Steinbacher and Don Quante.

After giving our brains a workout during the Mastermind session, we drove out into the middle of the desert for a hot air balloon ride – what a thrill! I wasn’t sure I would have the courage to get into the hot air balloon – but I did. Once in the air, it was so peaceful. I couldn’t believe how quiet and breathtakingly beautiful it was. The landing was a bit rough, and we all had some good laughs after getting very close and personal. The champagne waiting for us upon landing was welcomed warmly by all!

On day two, we jumped into the conference – and what a full day it was. We covered financial products to help pay for long-term care, Elder Care Navigation, and Dementia Care Planning, and attendees had the ability to experience the Virtual Dementia Tour. Conversations throughout the day with attorneys, financial advisors and their staff were absolutely fantastic – it is rare to have so many like-minded and passionate individuals in the same room.

Our keynote speaker was Kerri Kasem – and I don’t think there were many dry eyes while she was speaking. Her passion and advocacy is top notch, and it was an honor to have her join us.

I could go on and on about everything we crammed into the conference, but I think one takeaway that I personally have is thinking of my goals in 2024. My goal is to continue to grow – professionally, in my personal life, and continue to grow my Elder Care Navigation team.

What about you – what is your goal for 2024? Is it to provide a better service? Is it to make more money? Or is it to find a better work/life balance? Maybe it is a combination of these – or all three. Our team here at MDS has put a TON of time mapping out our 2024 calendar to help each of you meet your goals in 2024.

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