Closing The Deal

It’s a lot of work… a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get the “right” client into your reception area and then into your initial consult (IC) meeting, right?

We teach our members how to best triage prospective clients. You don’t want oodles of the wrong clients on your calendar. You want oodles of the RIGHT clients. And, the best way to do this is to implement a proper triage process with trained, empathetic staff with excellent telephone demeanor to help you do this. Otherwise, you’re thwarting your marketing before you even start.

Got a lot of tire kickers?

Not sure how to handle objections in the IC… like “Well, I have to go home and discuss this with my son,” or “This is a lot of money.”

We know how.

If you’re closing rate is not at least 80%… in other words, at least 4/5 initial client meetings aren’t resulting in retained clients paying you at least half up front before they walk out the door, then you might benefit from becoming a member.

When discussing fees, try these magic words:

My clients pay me x.”

Try it. Go on… try it next week. There’s a whole lot more where this magic came from in our Sales Training System.