Distracted or Determined?

What have you been paying attention to lately? No matter where you look, you can quickly be overwhelmed with information about politics, COVID-19, systemic racism, or the many other hot topics of today. Do not worry, this is not a political piece, this article is about where your attention lies. 

Many people have endured major shifts in their daily lives through occupational changes because of the pandemic. A lot of those people now work virtually and are balancing work/home life.  On top of that, the recent shift in how we work, shop, vacation or “go out for date night” has also changed like never before. Now more than ever, people are online. often find myself checking websites for updated hours, posts, etc.  

But let’s go back to what I started this article with and reflect on where your attention has beenI encourage you to make sure whatever you endure during the pandemic, that it impacts you in the right way.  Do not let the bad of every situation take over. John C. Maxwell beautifully said, “Nobody can motivate himself in a positive direction by continually using negative words.”   

Most likely, as business owners your lives have been directly impacted by COVID-19, but stop and think, what about COVID-19 has your attention? Is it negativity, science, anxiety, perseverance?  We always save the best for last.  

Perseverance is not a one size fits all approach. Outside of determination & hard work, perseverance looks different with every situation. Take the consistencies (determination & hard work) and morph them into a system of survival. What can you do to become Determined and not Distracted? Sitting around and worrying about what’s next is not going to progress anyone forward, we need to adapt and learn to overcome any obstacles that may come our way. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic caused most companies to transition into an online structure, rather than primarily face-to-face. Some industries, like Elder Law and Estate Planning never imagined a day where they would need to conduct their business fully online. 

We need to remember that change is neither good nor bad, it simply is. It will happen whether we like it or not. The team at MDS is dedicated to helping you adapt to the change. We have put together materials to help your firm with marketing campaigns, how to manage a virtual team and offers weekly calls focused on Advancing Forward amid the pandemic. We encourage you to stop the noise, reflect on where you are at right now, decide where you want to be and dedicate time to focus on getting there. 

Dedicated to Your Success,