Time for Yourself

Wow… what’s that?

We are all busy.  Busy at our law firms.  Busy serving clients. Busy with family- no matter what stage in life we are in.  Our commitments can seem endless and overwhelming at times.

Have you ever felt a twinge… ok… maybe more than a twinge of angst about the coming week on a Sunday night?  Be honest. We all have. We’ve all experienced the wish to have a longer weekend or longer vacation.

At MDS, we help you turn that “wish” into reality.  Not just through our shared best practices, tools, procedures, forms and policies… so you don’t have to recreate it all yourself, but also… and perhaps most importantly… we truly believe and value that life is short.

And if you are not spending your time doing what you love, then why do it?

Why be in business for yourself if you feel like you can never take a vacation?

How long could you leave your office without things “falling apart?”  Be honest.

If you cannot leave for at least 1-2 weeks and still have your law firm functioning well, then we should talk.

One of our core values is time for yourself.  We coach you to help you do what YOU want to do.  Everyone needs time away to recharge and re-energize.  When you don’t, it’s not only a disservice to yourself, but also to your clients, your team, and your own families.