Part II: Enhancing Team Performance with the Kolbe Assessment

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Sometimes, your team’s energy and productivity just don’t meet your expectations. That’s something we experienced first-hand here at MDS. When turnover and dissatisfaction impacted our accounting department, we turned to the Kolbe System.

Optimizing Energy and Productivity

We began by examining how each employee’s duties and tasks aligned with their natural strengths and abilities. This is the first (and most crucial) step in the Kolbe Assessment, informing the decisions and changes you make next.

The assessment identified that staff thriving in our accounting department all had identical Kolbe results! Their inherent strengths lead them to be passionate, focused, and quality-driven in the world of numbers and statistics.

Teammates with contrasting Kolbe results were dissatisfied and stifled productivity. We provided those staff with different opportunities, and some – realizing they were operating in conflict with their natural abilities – found a better professional fit elsewhere.

Since we applied the Kolbe internally, staff turnover has decreased by nearly 70% in our accounting department.

Optimize Energy and Productivity

The Kolbe labels each person as a Fact Finder, Follow Through, Quick Start, or Implementor, and suggests each team member’s tasks should be divided accordingly across four energy levels: 

  • 40% of tasks should energize
  • 30% should maintain energy
  • 20% should modify energy
  • 10% should focus on envisioning or planning what’s next.

Assigning tasks within this framework can help you assign roles to maximize productivity and minimize burnout. 

Managing Stress Effectively

The Kolbe Assessment also reveals your staff’s natural response to professional demands. When job duties clash with their intrinsic strengths, stress, and strain can arise for everyone. To effectively manage this, you can adopt the “three D’s” strategy:

  • Delete unnecessary tasks,
  • Delegate tasks to more suitable team members,
  • and Do focus on completing essential tasks.

 Enhancing Team Cohesion and Communication

The Kolbe will guide you to communicate with each person effectively, keeping your office running smoothly:

  • Fact Finder: Thrives on detailed, written communications with comprehensive data, documented references, and analytical case studies.
  • Follow Thru: Effectively engages through visual presentations, such as graphs, charts, and detailed diagrams that outline processes and results.
  • Quick Start: Receptive to dynamic and spontaneous verbal communications, like impromptu discussions, colorful visuals, and succinct bullet points to capture key ideas.
  • Implementor: Responds best to interactive and physical forms of communication, involving direct interaction with hands-on materials, like physical models, practical demonstrations, and active experiences.

Use Kolbe to benefit your team

  • Regular Reviews: Integrate Kolbe assessments into regular performance reviews to align roles and responsibilities continuously with individual strengths.
  • Training Programs: Develop training modules that enhance employees’ fundamental talents and address any areas of discomfort.
  • Team Workshops: Conduct workshops that foster a deeper understanding of each team member’s strengths and how these can be synergized for improved collaboration.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your team and foster a thriving work environment? Schedule your consultation with Kolbe Certified Consultant, Dominic Loffredo, SHRM-CP today and explore how MDS can help you integrate the Kolbe Assessment across your organization. Together, we can transform your workplace dynamics for an optimized future and pave the way for sustained success and growth.