Hire a Virtual Receptionist


Convert More Callers into Customers, Generate more revenue with #1 rated virtual receptionist service that answers every call.

How a Live Virtual Receptionist Service Works

  • We Become Experts on Your Business: Every business is given a dedicated team that is trained specifically to your business. This will allow us to answer calls effectively.
  • We Connect to Your Phone System: We want to make your life easier. Your dedicated team will help in connecting with your phone system to get started right away.
  • We Answer & Manage Your Calls: With 24/7 call answering, our receptionists answer every call, resolve customer questions, schedule appointments, and much more.
  • You Never Miss What’s Happening: Our mobile app and client portal allows you to see any logs and call information so you never miss out on what’s going on.

Live Virtual Receptionists That Drive Real Results

  • Save 13+ Hours / Week: By delegating call handling to virtual receptionists, business owners save, on average, 13 hours per week.
  • Increase Your Calls ROI: Prioritizing better phone customer service is proven to increase revenue, retention, and satisfaction.
  • Never Miss a Call Again: With 24/7 call answering, your customers will always reach you so they don’t have the opportunity to call your competitors.
  • Represent Your Business Right: First impressions are everything. Impress callers with a professional, reliable, and live virtual receptionist team.

MDS Referral

Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak uses Abby Connects service. Abby Connect does a phenomenal job as a Virtual Receptionist for the office.