Small Business Culture


The past two years have been full of learning and adapting to the great resignation. However, for the small businesses reading this there are a few upsides from what we have learned so far. First, in the world of remote work, opportunity has never been greater to pursue a new career and job regardless of where “home” is located. On top of that, culture has never been so important. In years past, people were more likely to put up with poor workplace culture as long as they were paid okay. That is no longer the case. Demand for higher wages and better work environments is on the rise because of one major reason: they have options. One upside that most small businesses have that big corporations don’t (typically) – a good workplace culture. Use this to your advantage!


Culture is defined by many things, but often trust, communication and engagement are almost always in the discussion when labeling. By being a small business, there are less steps to the ladder, making all of the above a quicker, practical and convenient process compared to Amazon’s 1.6 million employees. By taking time to establish clear lines of communication, bulletproof procedures and a solid onboarding process your culture and organizational value can be more appealing now than ever before. In the past two months alone, the number of job candidates that I have talked with (when interviewing) have started asking what the culture of the organization is like. I was never asked that question in my first YEAR or doing phone interviews.

If you are looking to improve the process within your firm, schedule a coaching call today with Julie Steinbacher or a call with me to learn more about how MDS can help you with her recruiting and talent management needs. Julie started her firm as a one-woman show in her garage and has grown it to over 45 employees across the state of Pennsylvania. She has experienced over 20 years’ worth of challenges to get where she is today, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience as you navigate the next “rung on the ladder” for your office..

Dom, Director of Operations