The Journey to Growth 

By Dom Loffredo

As we approach another year, have you caught yourself pondering what the future of your firm will look like? Hopefully, you have the goal to grow your firm – which can look different for everyone. Whether you want to grow your firm culture, revenue, profitability or expand to multiple locations, MDS has an exciting new offering to help you out!  

After several months of testing with multiple firms, we are ready to announce the opportunity for everyone to take The MDS Journey! The MDS Journey process uses a new organizational improvement software that helps business leaders make data-driven decisions about strategic initiatives and guides the execution of those plans. 

How does it work you ask? You meet with the key decision makers of your office and as a group collectively answer 47 questions that evaluate the organizational maturity related to different core principles. All questions come from four main categories: Strategy, Implementation, People & Money. Although 47 questions may seem like a lot, remember that 90 minutes of your time is minimal when considering the opportunity for long-term financial and professional growth. 

What you need: 

  • A 2-hour time zoom call with Dom and your key decision makers at your office 
  • Assessment takes approximately 90 minutes to complete, and the remaining time will be taken to pull reports and strategy building plans.  
  • Open-Minded: Be ready to listen to your co-workers and staff on how they feel about the scenario. Sometimes you may be surprised what they have to share!  
  • Transparency: be honest with yourself and your team on where you actually are on the maturity level.  

Who can do it 

  • MDS Members  
  • FREE for Mastermind Members  
  • Silver, Gold & Private Coaching Members can contact Dom for pricing & setup 
  • Non MDS Members 
  • Get a call with me to discuss your multiple options to start your personal Journey process today!  

Take action today 


“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” 

By James Cash Penney