The Windy City 

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Just last week we celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Million Dollar Solution® in the beautiful city of Chicago.  Although my central PA small town roots have my heart, big city life has many perks that I always appreciate. For those that were unable to make the trip, we had a great group that spent time diving into various key players in building, expanding and or improving our offices, the opening by our very own Julie Steinbacher set the tone for the entire weekend. Below is a brief highlight on some key takeaways I think all of you can appreciate.






Trust your own success When Julie first shared this, I didn’t understand immediately, but the more I reflected on that statement the more I realized that during times of struggle, lack of progress or loss, it often stems from our lack of trust in ourselves. Many of you had to trust yourself to start your own firm or jump into the new career, so don’t forget to go back to the basics. 






Who are the five people that will make me better? I’ve heard the saying many times “you are only as good as the 5 people you spend the most time with,” but most often it goes in one ear and out the other. Luckily, Julie elaborating on who this looks like for her over the years made it finally resonate. The people I surround my self really makes a difference, so why don’t I put more effort into these relationships? – It doesn’t have to be professional relationships only – my wife would still be my number one on this list – but make sure your list is balanced! (Professional, relational, spiritual, etc..) 








What wakes you up? What do you live for? What motivates you? If you didn’t have any risks/barriers, what does a perfect situation look like for you? This is a question we need to reflect on more than we care to admit. Our answer could be different with each season of life, so it is important to have this question in the back of your mind.  





As we took time going around the room hearing what others had to share for themselves, I kept adding items to my list for each category. The power of working alongside one another continues to prove more valuable than I expect each time. Regardless of who your “go-to” person is, make sure that you have a “coach” in your corner. Insight and direction from a clear and honest individual is one of the most valuable relationships you have.