Want to Improve Your Content? Consider Interview-Based Blogging 

Spotlight BrandingAll businesses need content marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a solo operation or the managing partner of a national firm—engaging content attracts the clients you need for steady growth. The question is: when are you going to find time to create it consistently? 

 For most business owners, this is the million-dollar question. How do you find the time to compile a blog post when most of your day is spent in court, meeting with clients, or tackling your growing inbox? 

 Enter interview-based blogging. As its name suggests, content is created using the answers to a series of strategic questions about your practice or the topic you want to cover. Through simple dialogue that isn’t so different from the conversations you have every day, you can come up with enough content for the coming month, and maybe longer. 

 Here are some of the reasons why interview-based blogging works so well.

  1. You Can Identify and Communicate Your Expertise

Chances are that you can quote certain statutes in your sleep. You’re so familiar with the laws and regulations governing your practice area that you don’t always realize how valuable your knowledge is to others. When you translate it into written content, you can leverage it to attract clients and even become a thought leader in your field. 

  1. Your Voice Comes Through

 If you’ve ever outsourced your firm’s content writing, you’ve probably received articles that were well-written but sounded nothing like you. Your name is on it, but the style and tone totally miss the mark. If your peers read it, they’ll know right away that it was written by someone else. With interview blogging, the writer who creates your content won’t combine your notes with articles found on Google. Your unique perspective, knowledge, and voice are taken and optimized for their intended platform, whether that’s a blog, e-book, or social media post. 

  1. Content Production Is More Efficient

 We talk quicker than we type. Interview blogging leverages this faster output to create an entire month’s worth of content in no more than an hour. Although the subsequent writing and editing will take longer, your job is over in a matter of minutes. All you have to do afterward is review the finished copy. 

  1. You Can Focus Solely on Concepts

 You can probably brainstorm and develop concepts for content fairly quickly, but turning them into an article may demand more attention and time than you have to spare. By taking the writing off your plate, interview blogging lets you focus on what you’re already good at, which is communicating concepts. 

  1. The Content Is Relevant and Engaging

 Interview blogging is a two-way street. You may be supplying the answers, but the party interviewing you will be taking a client’s perspective and exploring topics that they’ll find relevant. Topics like pursuing child support or calculating a personal injury claim may be common knowledge to you, but critically important for someone seeking a lawyer in those fields. This “outsider perspective” can produce some of your most meaningful content. 

 For firm owners seeking a more efficient content marketing strategy, interview-based blogging can generate compelling articles that don’t cut corners on perspective or authenticity. All you need to do is connect with an agency that knows how to transform your knowledge into impactful content that can grow your client base. At Spotlight Branding, you’ll have a quarterly content interview with a dedicated copywriter who will interview you on a series of topics related to your firm in order to generate your personalized content. 

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